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Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer is “YES”. It can be one of the messiest projects that you’ll ever undertake if not performed properly. Through years of experience and hundreds of projects, Popcorn Squad has developed a simple but effective process for minimizing the mess. You should still expect some amount of dust and cleanup time to be required after the project is complete. The process is not “Dust Free”. Popcorn Squad always performs a basic cleaning at the end of the project which consists of vacuuming and dusting. There could still be ambient dust though after we leave. We recommend you perform another vacuuming and dusting the day following completion.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee an exact completion date. We provide estimates such as “4-6 days” or “5 days” to provide a general idea of the possible time to complete. Our estimates are based upon hundreds of completed projects of all shapes and sizes so they’re generally pretty close….but “no guarantees”. There are dozens of things that potentially could pop up during a project that could delay the process. Simple things like rain, temperature, humidity and hidden popcorn surprises as well as many other issues could slow us down a day or so. Our mindset though is always to the job the “right way” and not necessarily the fastest or easiest way. We want our customers to be proud of their new ceilings for the quality and not that we finished them at lightning speed.

Once again, the short answer is “Yes”. It is impossible to do a popcorn ceiling removal and ceiling restoration without impacting the walls in some fashion. Sometimes the impact is minor and may only require a few touchups but other times the walls could be impacted in every room and every wall edge where we are doing ceiling work. There isn’t, unfortunately, a way to determine in advance how much the walls will be impacted. The following are examples of things that could cause wall issues: paint peel outs from protective plastic films and tapes, repairing of the corner tape around the perimeter, repairs of stress cracks, removal of old caulk, inferior wall paint, walls that were never primed and then painted, etc… On the bright side, if you have crown molding the potential impact is minimized. So, how does Popcorn Squad handle the walls where impacted? We do one of two things a) if you have the matching paints for the walls that are impacted and can provide them to us we will provide the touchups at no additional charge b) if you don’t have the matching wall paints or are planning on repainting the walls, we will make sure we leave them paint ready. In other words, if there is a peel out on the wall due to our process, we will make sure that it is “paint ready”. An example of this would be skim coating a paint peel out to make sure that it is flat for you when you decide to paint the walls. If your walls are covered with wallpaper, it may be damaged during the process. Popcorn Squad assumes no liability for damaged wallpaper. Please keep in mind that Popcorn Squad is a licensed painting company as well as drywall company and would be happy to provide a full service painting quote if needed.

The homeowner is responsible for removing all fragile, valuable and small items from the work areas. The emptier the rooms, the better. If there are furniture items that have to remain in the work areas because of their size or weight, we will move or plastic over them accordingly. If our project manager has a concern that effects either the safety of your belongings or our team members, they will bring it to your attention and discuss solutions.

Installation of new fixtures isn’t included in our standard project scope but can be provided at an additional cost. Please discuss pricing with your Popcorn Squad Sales Representative.